OSVSWA provides students with the opportunity to learn about the organisation's activities, to gain initial work experience, and/or gain knowledge on a broad range of areas and disciplines. We provide on-the-job supervision and training to interns so that both they, and the organisation, can benefit. Furthermore, internships build links with academic institutions and universities, so that synergies can be put in place in order to achieve our social welfare mission.

Who Can Apply?
We welcome interns both from India and abroad, benefiting from different experiences and academic background.

Similarly we welcome interns from every academic sector as long as they can relate to our activities and mission. Applicants should be enrolled in a university cursus or have graduated recently. There is no age limit. We strongly encourage women and minorities to apply.

The intern should commit to our values, mission and guiding principles.

Interns are given assignments and responsibility commensurate with their academic and professional experience and are placed under the guidance of a supervisor.

What is the duration of the internship?
Internships are flexible in nature and depend on the interests of both the intern and the organisation, and last from one month up to a year in duration (preference is for interns who can commit to at least six months).

The internship might include field visits to our field offices, dependant on their area of work and on the ongoing projects. Transportation and accommodation will be arranged by the organisation.

Do I get paid for the internship?
Unfortunately OSVSWA does not have the capacity to provide an allowance in exchange of the intern's work. However the organisation will do its best to provide lunch on working days.

Interns should view this as a learning experience. This type of experience will look good on a CV or resume, which will be useful for future job search.

For interns who do not live in the region or for those coming from abroad, the organisation can offer accommodation nearby at a reasonable cost. Likewise, meals can be arranged. If interested, please precise it when applying.

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