Based on the experiences and also a consultation workshop of key experts, major issues of poverty were identified in early 2007 and strategic pockets have been selected and taken up for long term interventions for reduction of poverty in Orissa.

Pockets taken up
  75 tribal villages in a cluster of 3 Gram Panchayats under Daspalla Block of Nayagarh District covering 2500 households.
  55 recurrent flood and cyclone(natural disaster) affected villages of 4 Gram Panchayats of Gop Block under Puri District covering 4300 households.
  140 fishermen villages of conflict affected Chilika Lake under Ganjam, Puri and Khurdha Districts.
  Slums of Bhubaneswar (State Capital) city.

Made (2007-08 & 09)
  During 2007-08, a detailed needs assessment and village level participatory planning in all the pockets conducted. A long-term development plan based on ground level problems and community level planning developed.
  Pilot interventions taken up in all 4 pockets:

1. Daspalla: Improvement of village access roads, drinking water sources, agro service centres, promotion of renewable energy sources (solar lighting)
2. Gop: Flood-proofing of drinking water sources, agro development centres (agricultural inputs and equipments), provision of community boats, fuel efficient cooking stoves, demonstration of flood and cyclone proof construction technology by constructing community centre building.
3. Chilika: Improvement of drinking water sources, post-harvest fishing technology (dry-fish platform), community centre building.
4. Urban Slum: Improvement of drinking water sources, waste management technology demonstration, improvement of community centres.

During 2008-09 the long-term development plan is being finalized based on macro-micro analysis consisting study of government policies and programmes, community level needs, identifying gaps and experiences from pilot activities.

Pilot demonstration activities in all the 4 pockets (with local NGO partners):
1) Daspalla: Micro-irrigation project, organic farming, forest protection etc.
2) Gop: Micro irrigation, promotion of bamboo plantation, extension of vegetable cultivation, improvement of agro-service centre
3) Chilika: Community based conservation practices in Chilika Lake, legal and policy issues
4) Slum: Water point management by communities, community sanitary toilets

This two year (2007-2009) programme development phase has been supported by Practical Action (formerly ITDG), UK.

Long term planned interventions for 2009 onwards
Detailed project reports for 1st phase of interventions (three years starting from 2009) prepared for disaster pocket in Gop covering 2000 families in 22 villages and for tribal pocket in Daspalla covering 1600 families in 32 villages, have been prepared for mobilization of required resources.

Supported by Practical Action (formerly ITDG), UK.