The physical features and geographical location of Odisha state largely determine the type of natural disasters it experiences. Odisha is a disaster prone State. The recurring disasters like flood, drought and cyclone, etc. have had crippling effects on the economy of the State. While the coastal districts of Odisha are exposed to flood and cyclones, western parts are prone to acute droughts. Large section of the State is prone to the earthquakes. The history of disasters substantiates the fact that about 80 percent of the state is prone to one or more forms of natural disasters. There are many instances where a particular area has been simultaneously struck by a number of disasters or by one or the other type of disasters.

OSVSWA responds immediately during the emergency situation with supports from its well wishers, donors, partners in the affected area. Since 2011, OSVSWA in partnership with Mahila Partnership, Copernik and other individual (international) has formed the Relief and Rehabilitation Mission in Odisha.