South Asian Youth Climate Coalition

''South Asian Youth Climate Coalition' (SAYCC) found its existence during an interactive session between the youths from European Union and Asia was held between 14th and 19th February 2012 at Bhubaneswar, India

Protect the globe for its future generation.

SAYCC will work towards building an active network of youth engaged in climate change issues. It will facilitate youth action on Climate Change exploration through cultural expression while sharing knowledge and experiences amongst youth through their active participation and inclusiveness.

  Facilitate beneficial collaboration and establish links between South Asian youth through sharing of information on climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  Promote a sense of social responsibility and leadership amongst youth. This will in turn facilitate bringing more sustainable development outcomes in their own country as well as the region with a focus to climate change.
  Establish a network of youth that is pro-active and dynamic and able to make positive contributions to society in the field of climate change mitigation.
  Engage wider public on the issue of climate change through creativity and vision using various art forms..
  Undertaking research and development on climate change involving youth in the region.
  Initiate, participate and strengthen advocacy on appropriate public policies and programs at local and regional level.

Thematic Areas
Poverty & Conflict

  Climate change and poverty/food security
  Climate change and conflict (competition of resources)

  Climate change and health hazards
  Climate change and access to clean and safe water

  Climate change and deforestation and the altered eco system
  Climate change and impacts of rising sea level and rising temperatures

Energy & Development
  Climate change and energy
  Climate change and the growth paradox
  Climate change and the renewable energy options

Energy & Development
  Impacts of changing cultural practices of youths
  Strategies for conserving the rich cultural traditions and practices.

  Networking and sharing/ exchange of knowledge and experiences on climate change
  Promotion of innovative researches of youth on climate change
  Climate change advocacy for influencing policies and programs
  Promotion of social responsibility amongst youth in South Asia and part of Asia for climate change adaptation and mitigation

Presence in Countries

Advisory Board

Steering Committee

Contact Us
South Asian Youth Climate Coalition (SAYCC)
B-15, Phase-1, Krishna Garden
Bhubaneswar 751030
Odisha, India
Phone: +91-674-2350384
Mobile: +91-9853674074 / 9439830805
E-mail: [email protected]