Networks / Initiatives

Networks / Initiatives

OSVSWA is one of the founders and key members of the following networks and accredited to UN-CCD (Convention to Combat Desertification)

National Network of NGOs on Drought & Desertification (National Chapter of RIOD – the international network
OSVSWA is the key and active member to this network since its inception.

Orissa Regional Forum for Rural Transport & Development
The Forum consists of representatives from cross sections of society like academic & research institutions, technical institutions, universities, NGOs, media, scientists and experts, senior engineers, social scientists and others. The Forum has already taken up issues like rural connectivity, intermediate means of transport, road safety, users’ groups, policy advocacy, education and awareness, research & documentation and appropriate technology in the rural transport and development sector.

National Focus Group on Rural Road Engineering (National Chapter of IFG)
OSVSWA is the key and founding member of NFGI. Its vision and mission is to be the leading platform for articulating and disseminating information on Rural Roads Engineering within the context of poverty reduction.

NGO Forum for Combating Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children
The Forum is a facilitating structure which will enable community based organization (CBOs) and non-governmental organization (NGOs) to share information and coordinate their actions and take up their missions and programmes on the common issue of combating sexual exploitation and abuse of children.

Goals & objectives:

  To generate public awareness on the magnitude, origins, characteristics and devastating effect of the child sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking;
  To build up studies, database and resource centre;
  To review policy responses and suggest / advocate needed policy changes at all levels and monitor implementation of existing laws, plans and policies;
  To initiate effective partnerships among the NGOs and other stakeholders and enhance participation and involvement of all sections of the society with the issue;
  To develop a Frame-work of Action for intersectoral strategies and common action programmes as well as local initiatives of the voluntary sector;
  To strengthen solidarity among the NGOs and the voluntary sector as a whole and build up their capacity and efficiency for effectively contributing to the cause of eliminating sexual exploitation and abuse of children;
  To share information, actions, experiences with others at all levels on the issue of sexual exploitation and abuse of children.