Action for Youth

Youth Empowerment is an attitudinal, structural, and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults.

With having a team of well experienced, dedicated, committed professional development workers involving youth professional volunteers and others, OSVSWA have been successfully progressing in the field of action for youth through research, study, effective planning and implementation of Erasmus+, KA2 - Kapacity Building for Youth, EVS and other related programs to reach the mission of the organization.

It has been a trend for the organization and its team to put its best effort towards the initiative it accepts. The availability of expertise within the organization and keenness to learn from ground level realities provides sufficient insight for the organization to implement any youth in action projects.

1. Accreditation
a) Certified Hosting Organization – EUAID Volunteers Initiative – European Commission DG ECHO (EUAV - Certification Mechanism - 403384-EUAV-1-2017-1-IN-EUAV-CERT)
b) Non-Governmental Organizations accredited to the Commission on Sustainable Development Economic and Social Council - the United Nations (
c) EACEA validated PIC Code - 948164040
d) EACEA validated OID Code - E10228490

2. Expertise and Experience
We have been working on many issues on action for youth:

 Education and awareness : basic education - non formal education - adventures education - social education - adult education     cultural education – enterprise education - disabled education - education for sports / games
 Climate change and environment management
 Youth and sports
 ICT for Development
 Youth in media / social media,
 Green youth,
 Youth enterprise,
 ICT for Development
 Peace and development
 Youth and LGBT

3. Activities and experience of the organization

 Capacity building training for the youths through non-formal education
 Campaign building trainings with hand on experience for youth / youth groups
 Development of knowledge materials / learning materials / training modules / tools and techniques
 Promotion of volunteering / volunteerism
 Promotion of culture and cultural issues (traditional art, music, dance / songs)
 Organizing training programs, seminars, conferences and study visits
 Participation in planning meetings, strategic meetings
 Conducting study, researches on the subject
 Carryout awareness activities at national and regional level on action for youth
 Availability of Expert tutors / mentors on non formal education
 Monitoring and evaluation
 Dissemination (social media, networking, UN agencies and other networks)
 Available of volunteers and interns

4. Some of our ongoing and recent completed projects under Erasmus+, EVS, KA2 – Capacity Building for Youth, EUAID Volunteers (co-funded by European Commission)

 E-Plus - Inclusive Adventure Education: From Theory to Practice
 E-Plus - Innovative Coaching makes the Difference
 E-Plus - Steps 4 Local Engagement and Democracy - STEPS 4LEAD
 E-Plus - Cultural Tourism for Youth
 EU AID - Sustainable Development through Humanitarian Aid Volunteers 3
 EU AID - Sustainable Development through Humanitarian Aid Volunteers 2
 EU AID - Sustainable Development through Humanitarian Aid Volunteers
 EU AID - Platform on Humanitarian Aid for a Sustainable Empowerment
 EU AID - European Volunteers in Humanitarian Aid Corps
 E-Plus - Green Youth Citizens
 EVS - Sport for Tolerance Project
 EVS – Youth in Support of the Roma Communities
 E-Plus - How to Decrease Climate Change: Building Strategies between Europe and Asian Youth