IRMA-India (ICT for Development)

Connect the unconnected communities through ICT in the rural India.

Development, promotion, application and dissemination of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) among the rural and isolated communities for their access to information as well as strengthening their livelihood system.

  Exploring possibilities and innovations for mass access to ICT in rural and isolated India.
  Developing collaborative initiatives for intensifying system approach for delivery of ICT benefits to rural areas.
  Setting up of Community Information Centers (CICs) / Techno Cottages that enable rural and isolated families access a basket of modern information and communication technologies.
  Training to youth, especially women, in rural areas in operating information shops.
  Promotion of a two-way communication channel evolving traditional knowledge with the modern ICT
  Building up a model in information dissemination and exchange in rural areas that uses advanced information and   communication technologies.
  Organization of workshops and other interactions such as on-site consultations with policy makers to sensitize them to   critical issues in the use of ICTs to promote human development in rural and isolated areas.
  Exchange of experiences with telecenter programs in different parts of the world, to arrive at a more comprehensive picture of impact assessment and sustainability issues and its possible internalization in project implementation.
  Development of a set of parameters to make a choice of access technology and technology for powering the access devices.

Current Interventions
Two TechnoCottages (Digital Unify Labs) are in operation in Nayagarh and Ganjam districts of Odisha, India and two more labs are in pipe line in Kendrapada and Puri districts.
E-Inclusion of media and Indigenous communities
Working on maximizing involvement of PRIs as potential local institutions in promoting ICT services and facilities for the marginalized communities
Lobby and advocacy for change in policy and practice to promote ICT among the marginalized communities for their access to information as well as socio-economic/sustainable development.

Lines from well Wishers
I met Dillip at the World Federation of Engineering Organizations in Tunis, this year and he presented his work in connecting rural communities and building capacity to use ICT4D with a focus on women and the poor. Dillip and his team are doing a wonderful job in improving access to information and already starting to see the positive impact of such access on rural livelihoods of his stakeholders.

Samia Melhem
Senior Operations Officer, Policy Division (CITPO)
Chair, e-Development Thematic Group
Global Information and Communication Technology
The World Bank Group

I enjoyed visiting 2 CICs of IRMA-India, and seeing the good work that you have been doing with the local communities in improving their access to information and the nearest town. I hope that you are able to expand this work in the near future, including setting up a community radio station - which will be an exciting new development initiative in Orissa.

Prof. Czech Conroy Reader in Rural Livelihoods
Natural Resources Institute,
University of Greenwich, UK

Dear Dillip. I am glad to learn about the progress made by your organization IRMA-India and the multiple connections you are able to forge. We missed you at the last Mission 2007 meeting in Delhi. Congratulations once again on the progress made. I am sure partners such as yourselves can strengthen the mandate of the Mission in India.

Dr. Basheerhamad Shadrach
Senior Program Officer, IDRC
Secretary, Mission 2007

Dear Dillip. We are looking forward to the possibility of working with you and are quite excited about the possibility of an India and Orissa Chapter. You have a tremendous initiative and all of the IAC chapters would benefit from learning of your efforts and approaches.

Professor Jean-Pierre Auffret
Director, Master of Science in Technology Management, School of Management, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

For further information Contact:-
Mr. Dillip Pattanaik
Team Leader, IRMA-India (ICT for Development Division of OSVSWA)
Plot No. 502/1, Lane - 9
Mallick Complex, Jagamara, Bhubaneswar 751030
Orissa, India
Phone: +91-674- 2350384
Mobile: +91-9439830805
E-mail: [email protected]